The BIG 7 Safaris


The concept of the BIG 7 Safari was born when the Addo Elephant National Park extended its boundries to include the Alexandria dunefields, the largest aeolian dune fields (wind driven) in the southern hemisphere and which fringe the northern shoreline of Algoa Bay. The Park expanded further to incorporate the off shore islands of St Croix, the largest of three at 2.8 hectare and the Bird Island group of which Bird Island is the biggest. The waters between these two groups of Islands, a marine protected area, is also incorporated into the managment programs of the Addo Elephant National Park and it is in these waters that we have the opportunity to watch marine mammals such as the prolific populations of Dolphins, in particular the Bottlenose Dolphin as well as the great Whales which migrate into these warmer, calm waters between the end of May and December each year. An abundance of marine wildlife inhabits these Islands and their surrounding waters including the Great White and other species of Sharks.


With the land based, traditional members of the BIG 5 in the Addo Elephant National Park, the over 700 free roaming African Elephant, Black Rhino, Lion, Leopard and Cape Buffalo, together with the Great Whales and Sharks as well as Dolphins, African Penguins and many other sea creatures that the concept of viewing the BIG 7 has gained popularity in the Eastern Cape and specifically around the City of Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

The BIG 7 Safaris offer our guests an easy and exciting way to access this unique experience as we facilitate the pick up and drop off of our clients from their place of residence, taking them to the small boat harbour, board the boat and accompany you on the trip of a lifetime on the waters of Algoa Bay. The tour is guided by a professional team of marine experts to navigate the boat and inform you of the fascinating marine life that you will come into contact with.


After the marine tour, we will take care of a delicious light lunch at a local restaurant before boarding the tour vehicle with your professional nature guide for the 35 minute drive to the southern entrance of the Addo Elephant National Park where, after checking in, we immediately start searching the thickets and plains for the dry land members of the BIG 5 amongst the many other interesting species of animals, birds and reptiles in the Park while explaining various aspects of the ecosystem and the way it functions.

BIG 7 Safaris offers a variety of full day and overnight tour options, the most popular being a thrilling experience packed into one full day.

The more comprehensive overnight safaris explore the Greater Addo Elephant National Park from south to the north while spending some quality time in remote, quiet accommodation enhancing the experience and making life memories in the process.  

The BIG 7 safaris all include a boat trip in Algoa Bay with some time spent in the Addo Elephant National Park.

Overnight safaris will include a variety of activities and overnight accommodation in different parts of the Park depending on which safari option is selected. Activities such the rugged 4x4 route in northern area of the Park, the Little Karoo, Lake Darlington and the indigenous forest and dune fields of Woody Cape are all included in some of the overnight tours. Whichever one is selected, each will give a fascinating view of the Addo Elephant National Park, one of the world's most diverse and spectacular wildlife refuges.

BIG 7 Safaris is connected to Alan Tours, run by Alan Fogarty, a nature enthusiast who has 35+ years’ experience in the wildlife and tourism industry. The tours will either be conducted by Alan himself, or by one of the fully qualified and enthusiastic guides. 

The BIG 7 Safaris were designed to give a full and diverse wildlife experience in this pearl of a region in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. 


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